Nicolas Jarnot

General Manager

Nicolas Jarnot has been working at The Ivy since 1999. Originally from the Loire region in France, Nicolas’s parents and grandparents were restaurateurs and hoteliers and it seemed only natural that he would enrol at catering school in Saint Nazaire once he was old enough.

After completing a four year course, he made the life-changing decision to move to London.  His first position was as a waiter at The Garrick Club.  In 1999, he moved to The Ivy as a Waiter.  He was promoted to Head Waiter, Assistant Manager and Restaurant Manager in 2006 and then finally to General Manager in 2007.

Nicolas is passionate about The Ivy and speaks highly of the breadth of opportunities it has offered him.  The Ivy’s Director, Fernando Peire has been a great inspiration and he enjoys working with Executive Chef, Gary Lee in particular.  They share an interest in Asian cooking and Nicolas has travelled to China, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

The Ivy underwent its biggest refurbishment in 20 years at the beginning of 2015, and Nicolas was instrumental in the successful re-opening of such a well-loved British institution.